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   Welcome at Prime Guild - Tarren Mill website. Prime is a World of Warcraft Guild #20 in the world and #6 English speaking guild.
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Prime current recruitment

Business    <14-12-2013 13:21 >

Prime is recruiting for 6.0 Warlords of Draenor. We currently recruit all classes! Contact any of our officers ingame for questions. Business, Narcoliez, or Legora.

Special interest in dps/prot warriors, mages, 1 disc priest, warlocks, feral druid, paladins and anything else exceptionally good!

 Realid: Legora#2802
 Realid: Business#2159 Skype: RobvanDriel
 Realid: Narcolies#2116

Click on the picture for more information about our guild!

If you are interested you can apply HERE.

You usually get a response back in max 12 hours.

as of 10-3-2014 Prime cleared 25 man HC in our altraid aswell!

Garrosh 25HC has fallen. Realm first 10 and 25.

Business    <13-12-2013 14:47 >

We finally downed Garrosh heroic on 25 man aswell. 15 days after we swapped from 10 to 25 we managed to  land a kill. After spending so much time and effort to get our current  10 man rank I can promise you that is has been a long ride. (Well worth it tho!) The difficulty of the boss is nothing compared to 10 man. The only boss thats "harder" in 25 man is Paragons of the Klaxxi. From Immerseus up to Thok is zergfest DELUXE.

Ofcourse Garrosh Hellscream took us some more pulls. But this was mainly because of the fact that half our raid never killed Garrosh or Klaxxi before. And several casual undergeared players helped us out.

Big thanks and a shoutout to all our raiders in patch 5.3. Going from 160 world to the FrontPage is yet again a giant leap forwards. Everything seems to fall in place at the moment. Thinking back of 2 years ago when we started with a brand new raidteam in Dragon soul to the point where we are now. 4 patches brought us from scratch to top 20 world.

Prime will now prepare to compete with the very best guilds in the world in Warlords of Draenor. If you want to be part of this than don't forget to leave an application behind.

Merry Christmas, Happy newyear,and cya in 6.0!

Prime 25 man Garrosh Heroic kill Video:


Kill Picture:          

Rank 20 World! R.I.P the clown!

Business    <14-10-2013 10:57 >

Thanks to our entire raidteam and everyone who helped us to down this endgame boss. Prime finished as rank 20 world in 10 man. Everyone can take a well deserved break now. Oh wait! In before Blizzard announced 3 days later that in WoD The only real deal will be raiding 20 man.

More work needs to be done. Prime will go in the transition from 10 to 25 man ASAP. This to make sure we are used to raiding with a bigger roster and to prepare ourselves in a really early stage. Because of this we are currenly recruiting anything. Dont hesistate to apply if you think you can be an addition to our team! APPLY HERE

                                                               10 man Kill video Gottan Disc priest POV:

                                    Last Pull at 1.30 In the morning. Max trolling on teamspeak included!

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[H]Garrosh Hellscream 05-11-2013 20
[H]Paragons of the Klaxxi 10-21-2013 13
[H]Siegecrafter Blackfuse 10-16-2013 16
[H]Thok the Bloodthirsty 09-30-2013 21

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Prime, originally formed as a World of Warcraft hardcore raiding guild, located on Tarren-Mill EU. In September 2013 Prime decided to compete in e-sports and started competing in the League of Legends scene as Team Prime. Team Prime maintains highly standards in their teams, with the help of our members and supporters.